Gambling and Casino in San Diego

Try Your Hand At Interactive Skill-Based Gaming

We all do it. If you have a smart phone, you’ve played Angry Birds, or Candy Crush, or Words With Friends. But these games aren’t common on the casino floor, until now.

Bridging the gap between video games and gambling, Harrah’s Resort SoCal is the first casino in California to introduce Gamblit Gaming—a pioneering interactive experience. Sometimes that arcade game is tough to walk away from. Gamblit Gaming brings the same exciting interactive play to the gaming floor. The best part, you get the chance to challenge your friends.

Put on your best poker face with Gamblit Poker or blast your way to a fortune with Cannonbeard’s Treasure. The arrival of Gamblit Gaming marks a new way to have more fun in Southern California. The next time you and your travel posse are ready for some friendly competition, you can find Gamblit in the Spiked lounge area at Harrah’s Resort SoCal.

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