Vintana Wine and Dine

Penthouse dining with a view

Vintana View

A romantic dinner getaway; a classy establishment in an unlikely but ingenious location in the penthouse of the Lexus dealership – Vintana Wine and Dine. It offers Unique Dining Experience in San Diego. You park for valet right in front of the Lexus dealership lobby, walk through the lobby and up the glass elevator. Once you’re up in the restaurant the Lexus dealership feeling just melts away. All the walls are glass or have giant windows and they have a lovely multi-color fountain to gaze out at.

As you enter, you will get the feeling of being in a fancy, modern European vineyard as they have all their wines in beautiful display cases. Start with popovers and jalapeño butter which is so good compared to normal bread and butter you get at most places. You might have to get two of them! Along with a wine room, they have a HUGE EXTENSIVE inventory of Vodkas. They are known for their unique food dishes and there won’t be a single one you won’t like.

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