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Date Night: Thrill Seekers Look No Further

Love is a rush in itself, but if you and your significant other are tired of the dull and ordinary date night routine, then consider putting an exciting twist on your time together. Nothing is more exhilarating than having heart pumping adventures with your partner. Whether you find your thrill in the air or on land, there are countless adrenaline infused date night ideas that you and your partner could be partaking in on a regular basis.

If you want to put an exciting twist on date night then why not do something a little unconventional? Try suiting up and heading out for a game of paintball. This way, you can leave the little black dress or designer tie at home. In North San Diego there are many different paintball spots to choose from, like Gogged Paintball in Escondido or The Paintball Park in Oceanside.

Another awesome and exhilarating date idea is paragliding. The Torrey Pines Gliderport is a perfect date destination if you and your significant other are craving a rush. What better way to spice things up than sailing through the sky over the beautiful region of San Diego? What’s cool about a paragliding date is that it’s seriously unconventional and definitely unforgettable. The rush you’ll fill when you touch down on solid ground will be remarkable, and what a perfect memory to make with your date, right?

If paragliding is a little too extreme for you or your date, but you still want to get some airtime, then a trampoline park is your best bet. It may seem a little reserved compared to soaring through the air or battling it out on a paintball field, but with the right mindset you can still get your heart pumping at a trampoline park. Flipping around with your date and playing fun, trampoline based games makes up in fun whatever it lacks in “extremeness.” Located in Poway or Vista is Get Air, a popular trampoline chain in North San Diego, but Skyzone is also an option.

Flightline Safari

Flightline Safari and the San Diego Zoo Safari Park

Getting your feet off the ground is a great way to catch a rush. Trampolines and paragliding are two different ways to do that, but there are so many more. For example, ziplining is also a cool way to spend a date. A perfect date destination for this is the San Diego Zoo Safari Park believe it or not. What’s more exciting then zipping over rhinos, giraffes, and other animals of the Safari Park? This is a great date idea not only because you can get your rush in ziplining, but because afterwards you can take a tour of the expansive animal enclosures, a memorable date to say the least.

In the North San Diego area there are countless places that offer unique, adrenaline enriched experiences. Whether that be paintballing, ziplining, paragliding, or some other adventure its up to you. But if you and your significant other are tired of the same run of the mill date nights and are craving a little bit of excitement, there is always something to do.

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