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Date Night: A Hopeless Romantic’s Guide to Planning the Perfect Evening

When it comes to planning the perfect evening there isn’t just one right answer. When it comes to drawing up the perfect evening for you and your partner, it’s important to consider their personality, and what kind of couple you are. Do you enjoy thrilling experiences or quiet nights inside? Do the two of you prefer dancing or fine dining? If you consider yourself or your partner to fall into the category of “hopeless romantic” then North San Diego is the perfect area to center your evening around.

If you want to have a magical evening full of romance then start out by taking your partner out to a romantic dinner, maybe something candle lit and with a beautiful view. In North San Diego there are many different restaurants that meet this requirement. One that stands out is Vintana Wine + Dine. Located in Escondido this penthouse dining venue offers beautiful views of the countryside and delicious California style dishes. Fancy restaurants are always a good way to go when it comes to hopeless romantics, but there are infinite other options when it comes to that department. Even laying a blanket out at one of North San Diego’s many beautiful beaches and lighting a few candles in the sand can be classy if you play it right.

After dinner opt to take your loved one on a romantic activity. If you decided to skip the five star restaurants and head to the beach for a picnic then after eating, take a long stroll in the moonlight—always an ideal activity. North San Diego has many different places that can easily yield a romantic setting. Art galleries are also great after-dinner date spots. Escondido’s Distinction Gallery and California Center for the Arts are great places to simply walk around and enjoy each other’s company.

But, if you really want to have a dramatic twist to the evening, think outside of the box and consider doing something you usually see in movies (hopeless romantics eat that kind of stuff up). Take a romantic hot air balloon ride to close the evening out, or even to get the evening started. There are multiple businesses in North San Diego that offer amazing hot air balloon rides, like Magical Adventure Balloon Rides in Solana Beach. Floating over America’s finest city with your significant other is a perfect romantic excursion that is sure to get your heart fluttering—just make sure neither of you are afraid of heights!

At the end of the day, the most romantic dates are the ones planned with your significant other in mind. As long as you are genuine and thoughtful, creating the perfect romantic date will be easy as cake.

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