Planning an adventurous escape?  Travel is all about welcoming new possibilities, making new discoveries, and the delight that goes along with them. San Diego is so packed full of life and landmarks that you can never truly have seen it all. Every time you think you might have, we’ve come up with an exciting new venture that must be conquered.

Even better, adventure in San Diego doesn’t necessarily require spending money, as the city is blessed with beautiful public hiking trails and postcard-worthy scenery everywhere you go. With 70 miles of coastlines and wonderful weather throughout the year, your opportunities for exploration of magnificent settings are endless. Outdoor adventure is one of the best bargains and most memorable experiences that San Diego has to offer.

Your Guide to Adventure in North San Diego

bernardo mountain

Support Local Preserves

In 1986, a group of residents concerned about the growing development in North County founded the San Dieguito River Valley Conservancy. Today, the Conservancy preserves, protects and shares the natural and cultural resources of the San Dieguito River Valley through collaborative efforts to acquire lands, complete trails, restore habitats, establish educational programs, create interpretive centers, […]

Pala RV Park

RV Paradise

It’s the name of the game at Pala Casino and comes in all shapes and sizes.  There are the aforementioned “funs” of gaming and winning, dining and enjoying a fine wine from Europe or Australia, entertainment fun at the outdoor Starlight Theater, the Events Center, CAVE, Luis Rey’s and the Center Bar and the Nature Trail. […]

Hiking places in San Diego

Blaze the Trails in North San Diego

Did you know that San Diego has the second richest biodiversity compared to any county in the continental United States? The 4,525 square mile border encompasses ocean bluffs, rugged inlands, studded peaks, and mountain ranges with oaks and pines. North San Diego holds a vast treasure of natural marvels for visitors and adventurous hikers. The […]

Travel in San Diego

9 Ways to Travel Like a Local in San Diego

If your travel goals consist of warm weather, beautiful coastal lines, and plenty of authentic Mexican food, then San Diego is the place to be. Known as “America’s Finest City”, San Diego experiences more than 34 million travelers every year from around the globe. Highlights of this beautiful city include basking in the warm sunny […]

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